Geovital Sport mobile phone case – orange

///Geovital Sport mobile phone case – orange

Geovital Sport mobile phone case – orange

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Shielded mobile phone case Geovital Sport in orange – new, cool and super chic … a real eye-catcher!

Warning: iPhone 5 requires standard, not XL size!

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Geovital Sport – new, cool and super chic … a real eye-catcher!

Cell phone cases don’t always have to be conservative … they can also be hip. The GEOVITAL Sport mobile phone case is made of extra thick, very hard-wearing surface material. A quantum leap in terms of previous shielding bags. It feels great and looks great.
The perfect mobile phone case for young and sporty people.


This is how the GEOVITAL mobile phone case works

This cell phone pocket in ORANGE prevents high-frequency cell phone radiation from hitting the head directly. At the same time, it protects the mobile phone from scratches and damage.

A dense shielding fabric inside the cell phone pocket blocks radiation from the phone. The basis is a specially processed thread made of pure silver. This gives the ability to shield electromagnetic waves. This silver thread is worked into a fabric using a special manufacturing process.

The shielding fabric has a shielding attenuation value of far more than 95% against electromagnetic waves.

The negative exposure to electromagnetic waves that can occur when wearing a cell phone on the body is minimized by the cell phone pocket. These are particularly strong when making calls! Protect yourself and your children by taking precautionary measures.

What size cell phone pocket do I need?

Both inner pockets can only accommodate a special dimension. It is therefore crucial how big your smartphone is. It is primarily about the width of the cell phone and less about the diagonal screen size.
It is also important whether you are using fall protection and want to continue using it. Whether it is made of smooth plastic or anti-slip rubber. The cell phone can be pushed in and out of the pocket accordingly well or poorly.
It is best to measure at home and choose the inside dimensions of the cell phone pocket that you think would fit.

Simplest application

The phone case contains two pockets.

  • front pocket – one-sided protection with double shielding! – for everyday use – full reception and accessibility
  • back pocket – complete protection – complete Faraday shielding – no reception

The front pocket is for everyday use. On the one hand, there is double protection (two layers of shielding fabric), on the other hand, normal fabric without shielding fabric. This guarantees full accessibility through full reception, with simultaneous blocking to the other side. The mobile phone case acts like a radar reflector – it gives the radiation a direction … away from the body.

This is particularly advantageous if you use your cell phone pocket to make calls, as you can now use it Barrier between head and smartphone can hold.

Tip: turn the phone and slide it into the pocket from below. This ensures that the loudspeaker is on the correct side and the microphone is clear.
Please make sure that the phone does not slip out and fall on the floor during this handling.

To understand and see that the shielding works, you can slide the phone into the shielded pocket. If the rubber band is closed, the network reception is interrupted. Give yourself a call … and you will see that the doorbell does not ring and that the mobile box starts immediately. Very impressive with friends and relatives.
As soon as the mobile phone is removed, reception is restored within 20 seconds – without the hassle of entering a PIN.

If the doorbell rings even though it’s in the protected pocket…

In the vicinity of radio masts it was occasionally found that due to extremely high radiation values, reception activities can occur despite careful closing of the cell phone pocket. This is NOT a fault in the product, but rather shows how close or strong the radiating mobile phone antenna is, as it can then even (!) Penetrate through this extreme shielding.
If this is the case in your home, you should urgently (!) Consult a geobiologist about a bedroom measurement, as the exposure values in the house are likely to be extreme.

There is, however, a significant reduction in reception and thus greatly reduced radiation exposure – simply take the cell phone out of your pocket after 30 seconds and check the network strength on the display.

Increased battery consumption if used incorrectly

Smartphones in particular, as intelligent mobile telephones, independently recognize poor reception and automatically increase the transmission power. The phone needs more battery power for this, which inevitably sucks the battery empty. This can be done in standby mode or when apps are updating in the background.
You should therefore only use the fully shielded compartment of the mobile phone pocket for a short time, e.g. at the doctor’s. For longer times, we recommend activating the flight mode from the mobile phone or switching off the device.


Geovital Handytasche Benutzung Collage

How to use the phone cases correctly!

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