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Geovital Radiation Protection Construction Mat

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In order to achieve the end goal of "healthier sleep", various changes in the bedroom are usually necessary.
The question is which changed. This is why we offer the service of a geobiological assessment.
This enables a targeted mitigation and avoids unnecessary costs. After this assessment
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The ideal radiation protection for sustainable building biological construction



The ideal radiation protection for sustainable building biological construction

  • Radiation protection for company buildings

Anyone who has ever experienced radiation protection measures in your company will quickly come to the decision that it can save an enormous amount of money!
Every sick day of your own employees costs money… Usually this happens even at the worst time, when the work is under the ceiling…
Good radiation protection measures and good electrosmog prevention not only save costs and sick leave, they have been shown to promote better and, above all, more productive work.
The staff are in a better mood… the work is better done by hand… creativity is greatly encouraged…
Apart from that, the EU Occupational Safety and Health Directive 2013/35/EU on minimum requirements for the protection of the safety and health of workers from physical agents (electromagnetic and galvanic fields) actually requires this in any case…

A shielded workplace – is a good workplace!


  • Radiation protection for homes

What is better than having a new home that not only fulfils a lifelong dream, but is also a healthy place for the whole family?
Conversely, a new home without radiation protection in the event of subsequent illness can not only cause a lot of suffering and torment, but can also quickly become an expensive refurbishment case!

If houses and buildings with radiation protection are planned, these are protected from the outset against galvanic interference zones / earth rays

After submitting a blueprint (please only PDF) it is calculated and mats are drawn at appropriately assigned locations.

Radiation protection mats impact sound insulation

Strahlenschutz Baumatten

The mats can be placed in the screed layer in the lowest position of the footfall sound insulation / bulking directly on the raw concrete. These are then covered by the second layer styrofoam / bulking. Afterwards, a heating system / underfloor heating can be used, as long as this is made of plastic with plastic fastenings / braces. Aluminium coatings of styrofoam plates must be removed at these points.

Attention: In doing so, care must be taken to ensure that no metals be used above the radiation protection. This impairs the screen function!

Distances between radiation mats, as well as distances to walls should not be less than 20 cm! This ensures that the screed (at least 4 cm thick) later has a solid support surface everywhere.

Note: The mats are not suitable for wooden buildings and wooden ceilings.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg

Type III, Type IV


180 x 80 x 3cm


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